Frequently Asked Questions

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What is mathelshop

Mathelshop is a social business platform for business promotion and online  buying and selling. Mathelshop offers businesses an online platform and digital marketing services needed for its maximum business growth in the Nigeria market space. Mathelshop also serve as a link to both the buyer and the seller through it online payment feature which guarantees buyers of a refund if transaction is unsatisfactory.

Who is a vendor?

A vendor is a business owner who signs up to own a store to sell his/her goods/services

Who is a customer?

A customer is anyone who buys on the platform.

How do I set up my store as a vendor??

Having signed up, login to your account, click on ‘Manage Your Store’ and update the following features.


  • Dashboard: This feature provides a vendor with detail of
  •  Product: This Feature enable vendors to upload product, fix price, fix discount (if necessary), schedule discount, give product description.
  • Order: This feature enable vendor see all order made.
  •  Coupon: This feature enable vendor create coupon for sales and promotional activity.
  •  Report: This feature provide vendor with sales report and general business statistics.
  • Review: This feature gives vendor update on general business review.
  • Withdraw: This feature enables vendors to withdraw from their E-wallet to their bank account.
  • Subscription: This feature enables vendors to choose and update their subscription plan.
  • Setting: This feature enables vendors to set sub features for store, payment, shipping, social media synchronization and business SEO.

Then click on ‘Edit Profile’ and update the following features:


  • Activity: This feature enable users to socialize, drop business update on their wall.
  • Profile: This feature enable users to edit and change ‘Profile Image’ and ‘Cover Image’.
  • Notification: This feature enable users get notifications and updates.
  • Message: This feature enable direct communication among users.
  • Location: This feature enable users to fix their location and be accessible.
  • Following: This feature enable user to following other users and get update about their business.
  • Follower: This feature enable user to build customer base and enable the customer get update on the user they are following.
  •  Setting: This feature enable user to setup more sub-features.
  • Payment Verification: This feature enable who which to upgrade to charged services, give payment prove after payment.

How do I sign up as a vendor?

Click on ‘Login/Register’, choose ‘I am a vendor’, enter appropriate details and click on ‘REGISTER’.

How do I promote my store?

You can promote your  store ‘Internally’ and ‘Externally’

How do I promote my store Internally?

Having signed up, click on ‘manage your store’, click on ‘subscription’ to choose an option or click on link

for the following promotional services:

  • Home page banner ad
  • Featured product
  • Home page side banner
  • Mid Banner
  • Category product
  • Deals of the day
  • Logo slider

How do I promote my business Externally?

You can also promote your store to millions of people by yourself through the following medium:

  1. Social Media: Always promote your store link and business on your social media accounts to enable your friends and followers click on it to visit your store and patronize you. You should also utilize the respective social media icon on your ‘edit profile’ page on your mathelshop account to link your store to social media. Encourage friends to like and share all your business post and store link.
  2. Blog: Engage bloggers to review your business and publicize your store link on their blog. You should also always drop your store link at the comment section of most blog.
  3. Bulk SMS: Always promote your store link and business to millions of potential customers through bulk sms.
  4. Email marketing: always advertise your business through email marketing.
  5. Outdoor: Promote your store link and business through outdoor advertorial such as signpost, stickers, lamppost etc.
  6. Print media: Promote your store link and business using newspapers, magazines, fliers etc.
  7. Radio/Television/ Billboard: Promote your store link and business on radio, television and billboard to attract lager potential customers.
  8. Word of Mouth: Always tell customers, family and friends about your business and share your store link with them.
  9. Whatsapp: You must always promote your business and share your store link through whatsapp daily.
  10. Youtube/Webinar: You must utilize this medium of advertisement to attract more customers.

How do I become an affiliate?

Affiliates are members who wish to work and earn on To learn more click on link

What are the charges for sales on mathelshop?

The charges for sales on Mathelshop varies based on product categories. To view the product categories and their sales charge click on this link

What are the terms and condition for membership?

For terms and conditions for membership click on link

How does the delivery services work? allows self delivery for customers who have their delivery system and also offers delivery service to customers who do not have active delivery system. To utilize mathelshop delivery service, please write to us via